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Free Automatic Delivery - we'll never let you down

Imagine going to make a much needed cup of tea.... and finding you've run out of tea bags, or milk. It's so frustrating. Especially when you realise the shops are shut. If only you'd remembered to stock up.

It's the same with heating oil. Forget to order.... and you could find yourself without heat or hot water just when you need them most.

You need never worry about running out of oil again

Luckily, Automatic Delivery solves the problem. Just download and complete the registration form or call us - and we'll take care of everything. The information you supply means we can calculate how much oil you use. We then schedule your next oil delivery based on your usage and analysis of daily temperatures - and you need never think about topping up your tank again.

The service is free

You pay only for the home heating oil we supply. We give you metered delivery tickets, so you know exactly how much oil you've received and exactly what it costs.

You don't even have to be at home

Better still, provided your tank is accessible, there's no need to wait in for a delivery. Once you've signed the form, we can deliver in your absence and leave a delivery ticket so you'll know we've called.

Just let us know if circumstances change

If your circumstances change, like elderly relatives arriving for a long stay, just let us know and we can take your increased use of oil into account.

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Simply download and complete the form below or call us and we will post one out to you today.

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